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Journal of Psychosomatic Research

Journal of Psychosomatic Research

Table of Contents - September 15, 2010

1. Daily mood, shortness of breath, and lung function in asthma: Concurrent and prospective associations

2. Severe asthma and adherence to peak flow monitoring: Longitudinal assessment of psychological aspects

3.Conscious and unconscious perseverative cognition: Is a large part of prolonged physiological activity due to unconscious stress?

4.Cognitive and behavioural correlates of different domains of psychological adjustment in early-stage multiple sclerosis

5.An evaluation of illness, treatment perceptions, and depression in hospital- vs. home-based dialysis modalities

6.The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: A diagnostic meta-analysis of case-finding ability

7.Subgroup differences in psychosocial factors relating to coronary heart disease in the UK South Asian population

8.Factors associated with suicidal ideation: Role of emotional and instrumental support

9.Detecting depression in medically ill patients: Comparative accuracy of four screening questionnaires and physicians' diagnoses in Spanish population

10.Adult attachment measures: A 25-year review