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เก็งข้อสอบสภาการพยาบาล คลิกภาพ

เก็งข้อสอบสภาการพยาบาล คลิกภาพ



by supachai triukose

Answer: C. 
• Gravida (G) – number of pregnancy 
• Term (T) – number of full-term infants born (born at 37 weeks or after) 
• Para (P) – number of preterm infants born (born before 37 weeks) 
• Abortion (A) – number of spontaneous or induced abortions (pregnancy terminated before the age of viability). Age of viability is 24 weeks. 
• Living children (L) – number of living children. • (Source: Maternal and Child Health Nursing by Adelle Pillitteri, 5th Ed. P.252)

Since Mrs Donna has two previous pregnancies and is presently pregnant (16 weeks), G is 3. Mark, her only child was born at 35 weeks AOG which falls under the preterm category. Thus, T is zero and P is 1. The other pregnancy was terminated at 20 weeks AOG which falls under abortion, hence A=1. Mark is her only living child, thereby, L=1. 

Her GTPAL score is: 30111, G=3 T=0 P=1 A=1 L=1